September 29, 2006

Some bench moves

Adam Rubin at The NY Daily News writes about the Mets and some of their moves for the NLDS:

Mike DiFelice and Michael Tucker should claim the final two spots among position players on the division series roster over Lastings Milledge and Ricky Ledee.

Neither Milledge nor Ledee was on the big-league roster Aug. 31. They would only be eligible if they replaced a position player who was on the roster or DL on that date and is currently injured. The Mets maintained they won't use shenanigans and claim Anderson Hernandez or DiFelice is injured to get Milledge or Ledee on.

Milledge might have been useful as a righty pinch-hitter, but Ramon Castro figures to take that role. With DiFelice available, the Mets can freely use Castro to pinch-hit without worrying about being shorthanded behind the plate if Paul Lo Duca is forced to leave a game.

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