October 27, 2006

Glavine and Delgado update

From Jon Heyman at SI.com:

Mets people are confident that Tom Glavine will return, which should be no surprise since that was the intention this spring of adding an option year through 2007. While it would be hard to imagine the Mets exercising an option to pay Glavine $14 million (plus another possible $3 million if he makes the All-Star team), in what may be the most complicated one-year extension ever, he can exercise it for $7.5 million plus $6.5 million in incentives (plus the $3 million All-Star bump). Or they could also work out a compromise for the pitcher 10 career victories from 300.

The Mets should be confident about keeping Carlos Delgado, too. While Delgado would like his $12 million option for 2009 picked up early, it's hard to imagine he'd walk away from the $34.5 million he's due through '08 in any case (it's his right to leave, as a player traded in the middle of a multiyear deal). Teams generally don't exercise options ahead of time, but his Mets bosses love him, so it's possible.

Thanks to David Rubin for the update.

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