October 30, 2006

Let the race begin

Marty Noble at Mets.com, writes about five Mets who filed for free agency:

Five Mets, including three not likely to re-join the team next season, were among the 59 Major League players who filed for free agency on Saturday, the first day eligible players were permitted to do so. The five Mets who filed were Cliff Floyd, Steve Trachsel, Ricky Ledee, Orlando Hernandez and Chris Woodward.

Players have until Nov. 11 to file.

Mets manager Willie Randolph said on Monday that he wanted Hernandez back next season.
"This guy is an unbelievable athlete," Randolph said. "You're always concerned about injuries, and he had that [right calf] injury at the end of this season, but Duque can pitch for me any day.

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