October 05, 2006

Lo Duca's double play

Mark Bowman at Mets.com writes about Paul Lo Duca and the double play he made at home plate:

It's a memory that will forever affect Dodgers third-base coach Rich Donnelly and Mets manager Willie Randolph in a different manner. Flashbacks will simply cause further bewilderment for Donnelly. But for Randolph, they'll simply bring a smile that wasn't present when he and his Yankees were on the wrong end of a similar play 21 years ago.

"It was a terrible baserunning blunder that we had to pay for," said Dodgers manager Grady Little, regarding the wacky second-inning double play that proved consequential in the Mets' 6-5 victory Wednesday.

It was a double play that the Dodgers found hard to recreate, and one that was so improbable that it's difficult to explain.

With nobody out and runners on first and second base, Russell Martin drilled a single toward right field. When it hit off the wall, it seemed definite that Jeff Kent and J.D. Drew would score. Until it happened, never did it seem likely that the play would end with Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca tagging both Kent and Drew out at the plate within a matter of approximately three seconds.

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