October 23, 2006

Milledge in 2007?

Adam Rubin at The New York Daily News, writes about Lastings Milledge and his future for the Mets in 2007:

Milledge originally had been projected as the '07 starting left fielder succeeding Floyd, but regarding the possibility of starting a young corner outfielder next season, Minaya said yesterday: "I can't tell you I'm comfortable with that today. But I'm going to tell you when we get to spring training we will evaluate that, based upon the kind of players we acquire this winter. ... It's going to be about where his development is.

"I thought Lastings, for a young kid, handled major-league pitching as best as a young kid can handle it, remembering this kid was in A-ball last year, remembering that he wasn't playing every day. It's hard for a young kid to perform when he doesn't play every day and he's 21 years old. We brought him in there because of necessity. We gave him a chance. He had some rough edges as far as the outfield. He had some rough edges as far as understanding preparation, understanding major-league lifestyle."

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