October 20, 2006

Perez shows great promise in Season's end...

I just wanted to say that in no way do I blame tonight’s game seven loss on Oliver Perez, who gave a great performance with one run in six innings, nor do I blame Aaron Heilman, who gave up two runs in the eight. The whole pitching staff that pitched today went out and held the Cardinals to only three runs. My hat is off to Perez, Bradford and Heilman. Don’t feel bad for what transpired tonight. No one can tell any of you, you didn’t do a superb job.

My blame rests completely on the Mets offense. They had plenty of opportunities to break the game open with two innings each in which the bases were loaded. One of which there was only one out and still they couldn’t take anything from it. The ninth inning strike out of Cliff Floyd was just good pitching on the part of their rookie closer. But the two strike outs of David Wright and Carlos Beltran rests on them because I personally feel that they could have made something out of it.

There is no crying in baseball, so the whole Mets fan base, Mets Trades and Shea Nation will just have to suck it up and begin to cover the off season a little earlier than expected.

I just want to thank Fred Wilpon, Omar Minaya, Willie Randolph and the rest of the Mets staff for a memorable year. Thanks for the Memories and you’ll get them next year.

Lets go Mets.

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