October 19, 2006

Reyes shows off

Lyle Spencer at Mets.com, writes about Jose Reyes and the great output he gave in last night's game:

In the biggest game of his young life, Game 6 of the National League Championship Series with the Mets' very life depending on it, Reyes rose above everybody.

He crushed a 1-1 pitch from Chris Carpenter over the wall in right-center in the bottom of the first, creating something on the order of delirium at Shea Stadium.

The passion he brings to his team was palpable as the Mets went about the business of dispatching the Cardinals, 4-2, behind John Maine and those main men in manager Willie Randolph's proud bullpen.

"That's the ultimate shot of energy, when you talk about your leadoff guy hitting a home run -- especially against a guy like Chris Carpenter," said David Wright, who figures to be linked with Reyes, his good buddy, for years on the left side of a remarkable infield.

"He did everything," veteran right fielder Shawn Green said of Reyes. "He led off the game with a home run, turned two double plays, got on base, stole bases.

"He's as much of an MVP as anyone in the league."

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