October 13, 2006

Where Is The (Mets) Love?! Rosenthal STILL Picks Cards

Okay- we've long been fans of Fox Sports writer, Ken Rosenthal. After today's column, we may have to write him off, at least for the rest of this season. From his column today:

Believe it or not, the Cardinals can beat the Mets, maybe should have beaten the Mets in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series, with journeyman right-hander Jeff Weaver matching Mets lefty Tom Glavine almost pitch for pitch.

Okay- any team CAN beat any other team on any given night. Fact is, the Mets won, the Cards didn't, and perhaps Rosenthal is about to owe someone in Vegas some $??? And Weaver was, indeed very good last night; fact is, Glavine was that much better, pitching longer, and giving up no runs.

Rosenthal adds:

If Carpenter wins Friday night, things get interesting. If Carpenter wins, the Mets could be in for a fight.

If- If- If...if Pedro and O-Hern were healthy, things could have been interesting...if Mulder and Edmonds were healthy, things could have been interesting...fact is, in our opinion, if both teams are at full strength, we are still a far more dominant team, and even at reduced strength, we are still, by far, the team to beat.

Yes, this series is far from over- but it makes me want this SOOOOOOOOOOO much more, to shove it in the faces of all of the non-believers out there!

(In case you want to read Rosenthal's column, you can click here.)


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