October 10, 2006

Why the Mets should have the upper hand

Dan Graziano at The Star Ledger writes why the Mets should have the advantage wile playing the Cardinals:

1. Depth: Postseason success is often tied to the strength of a team's bench and bullpen, and the Mets are strong in both areas. On the bench, they've received contributions from Endy Chavez, Julio Franco and even Chris Woodward, who mixed in a pinch-hit double in Saturday's clincher in L.A. The Floyd injury stings, no doubt, but there's a feeling around the Mets that they're still a very good team with Chavez in the lineup.
In the bullpen, Mota, Aaron Heilman, Pedro Feliciano and Chad Bradford have formed a solid setup relief corps in front of fireballing closer Wagner. Randolph signaled in the first round that he's counting on his bullpen to carry the team this October and, so far, it's done the job.

2. Thump: The Mets won their three Division Series games in three different ways. In Game 1, the bullpen dominated. In Game 2, Tom Glavine was brilliant. And, in Game 3, they showed they can outscore teams on nights when their pitching isn't good. The one constant is a lineup loaded with good to great hitters. It will miss Floyd, but not as much if Saturday was the beginning of a Shawn Green hot streak. Paul Lo Duca and Carlos Delgado weren't intimidated by playing in the postseason for the first time in their careers.

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