November 21, 2006

Alou is "Bittersweet" for Wright

Marty Noble at, writes about David Wright and what he thinks of the Moises Alou signing:

"Bittersweet" was the word Wright used to describe the move that will strengthen the Mets' batting order and interrupt a relationship the Mets third baseman has treasured. Alou's presence on the roster and in the Mets' plans had pushed aside Cliff Floyd, Wright's friend and father figure.

"I'm so close to Cliff, it won't feel right without him," Wright said. "He and I have text-messaged a few times. Not about baseball. I guess he had an idea this could happen. That doesn't make it easy. We have such a special bond. I hate to see him go.

"Bringing in Moises is great for the team. He's such a good hitter and clutch player. He's a class act. And I know we struggled against left-handed pitching at times, so he's just what we needed. I just wish there was room for him and Cliff."

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