November 30, 2006

Hernandez to Indians?

Troy E. Renck at The Denver Post, mentions that the Indians are going to be signing Roberto Hernandez:

With Roberto Hernandez joining the Indians and Octavio Dotel having received three offers to close games, the Rockies' options to add relievers are shrinking.

I know it's nothing major but I figured someone would be interested. It's still hard to swallow that we traded Xavier Nady for this guy. The only way I could get over this is if Oliver Perez becomes the sure thing he once was.

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Charlie Cal said...

Apparently desparate times called for desparate measures. But with the dust all settled, who would you rather have on your team? I think Nady. It's quasi-heroic that the Mets got as far as they did with sore arms, tired arms, injured arms, and wild arms. Except for strong offense and the sometimes strong pitching outing, it might have been a close battle with the braves.