November 15, 2006

Is Johnson the Mets next left fielder?

Ben Johnson could indeed be the Mets new fail safe in terms of the left field position is concerned. While Johson didn't fair too well in his first two seasons as a major leaguer ( 1st season: 31 games, .213 BA/ 2nd season: 58 games, .250 BA), it shouldn't shun the Mets away from him.

Remember a guy last year who didn't fair too well either? Xavier Nady also didn't fair too well with the Padres before he came to Shea ( .267, .247; 261 BA). But Omar saw somethingin him that transpired over to the next season where Nady had a .280 BA between New York and Pittsburgh.

If we don't land Crawford in the trade I want to see go down or if we spend too much money for pitching that not enough is left over for the outfield, let Johnson have a crack at it. Remember, we still Chavez if it doesn't work out. But not too much of Omar's moves haven't worked out.

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