November 27, 2006

A little disappointed

Well I'm back and thought I would develop carpal tunnel trying to catch up on the Mets moves over the Thanksgiving break.

Just the oppisite happend. I have nothing to write about and an ambition to do just the opposite.

Now I know that it isn't even December yet, but as a Met fan I have been spoiled for the last two years with blockbuster deals around thanksgiving. In 2004 they got Beltran and Martinez and in 2005 they got Wagner and Delgado.

Maybe I'm acting out like one of those rich kids who doesn't get the new Jag for their straight C's on their report card. But come on, the market is slim to begin with. The outfielders are all but gone and pitching is going to be next if Omar doesn't act soon.

I thought I was alone in this feeling but then I found this article.

In it Wallace Matthews talks about the moves the Mets aren't making and points out that with all this new money coming in the Mets should be active in the market. But instead they are spectators.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

On the joyous occasion of Thanksgiving Day, let us take a moment to thank the New York Mets.

For nothing.

Last week, the club gleefully announced its sweetheart stadium deal that will hand over to them, rent-free, tax-free and finance-charge free, a virtually limitless source of income for the next several generations of Wilpons.

And in return, they give us Moises Alou.

I'm not saying I don't like Alou. I just want to see more than him brought into th organization, so that we can make it past the NL championship next year.

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