November 28, 2006

Mets pursuing Lugo

At Rotoworld, they write about The Mets and Julio Lugo:

The Boston Herald says that the Mets and Dodgers are currently the teams pursuing Julio Lugo most aggressively, with the Red Sox fading from the pack.

The Dodgers? As poorly as Lugo played for the team and as much as he was jerked around, it's hard to see why either GM Ned Colletti or Lugo himself would want to revisit the partnership. If they did sign him, it might be with the idea of playing him in left field. They could also put him at second, Jeff Kent at first and Nomar Garciaparra at third. However, neither arrangement makes a lot of sense for the team. The Mets want Lugo as a second baseman, and there's been talk that the Cubs could sign him as a center fielder. He still makes more sense in Boston than anywhere else.

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