November 20, 2006

Minaya says no to Milledge for Jennings

Mark Healey at Gotham Baseball, writes about a deal that the Rockies threw to the mets and Omar batted down:

According to industry sources in Colorado, the Rockies search for a center fielder may end with Mets prospect Lastings Milledge. Given the Mets repeated interest in Rockies pitcher Jason Jennings, Colorado figures an even-up swap of the two players would be an even deal. They would be figuring wrong. "Minaya's not getting rid of Milledge," laughed one Mets' insider. "Well, at least not for that package. He likes Jennings, but there are plenty of other options out there as good as Jennings that (can be signed) and not have to give up any players." One MLB official said that the "Mets are prepared to keep Milledge, even though it might be crowded in the Mets' OF for 2007. "He's that good, or at least they think he is." Speculation time. My gut tells me that Milledge – not drafted by Minaya or anyone that's still around - lost his biggest ally in Willie Randolph when the the rookie outfielder reportedly repeatedly ignored or rebuffed the manager's attempts to educate him on the way the game is played at the major league level. I think he'll be dealt in a large package for a starter.

Thanks to Mets Blog for the link.

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