November 27, 2006

Target, Glavine

David Lennon at Newsday, writes about the Mets, Tom Glavine and how he is the target this week:

The Mets pledged to Glavine they would allow him ample time to discuss his future with his family, knowing full well that could mean a return to Atlanta, a short drive from their home in nearby Alpharetta, Ga. Now that he is away from New York, with the NLCS loss to the Cardinals behind him, he feels his family's pull affecting his decision-making.

But he has remained in frequent contact with the Mets, and team officials insist they are not yet concerned about his jumping back to their bitter rival in the National League East. Glavine is expected to begin talking to the Braves on Monday, and the Mets believe he will choose a team after Thanksgiving - but before the start of baseball's winter meetings Dec. 4.

Whatever competition may arise between the two clubs, the Mets do not anticipate going beyond one year on a new contract, and Glavine has said he is primarily interested in getting the 10 wins he needs to reach No. 300 for his career. Considering the market, it would almost make sense for the Mets to bring him back for $14 million, but team officials are sticking to their word that they will not.

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