November 15, 2006

Think Crawford

So by now we've all heard that the Marlins don't fancy Lastings Milledge as much as they once did. This does throw a wrench in the whole D-Train deal that was in my opinion a win win situation. I guess you really couldn't blame them for their reluctance. Milledge only had a .241 batting average, four home runs, 22 RBI's and 1 stolen base in fifty six games and 166 at bats. Defensively he looked like he was lost half the time. He had 2 errors in 50 games, but those two errors looked like a little leaguer could have made those catches. Or maybe it could have been the attitude he displayed while at the Major League level.

On the reverse side of the spectrum, he did display that he does have a cannon for an arm, speed and brief spurts of power.

This factor maybe a blessing in disguise. Because if you look to the other team in Florida, we could obtain Carl Crawford for Milledge and Aaron Heilman (as was written in a previous post).

So I say back off of the Willis topic and try to imagine two of the most exciting players in baseball batting 1 and 2. It would drive the opposing pitchers crazy.

Just think about that on.

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