November 10, 2006

Welcome To...Citifield???

According to NY Newsday and, this Monday, when the Mets officially break ground on their new stadim (next door to Shea, scheduled to open for the 2009 season), they will also unveil the new name of the stadium:


Apparently, the Mets will be entering into an agreement with CitiBank for the naming rights to their new stadium, at an amount yet to be disclosed. The press conference is this Monday, and we'll bring you more reports as info comes out. While we don't love this new name, other names proposed left even more to be desired: Citigroup Ballpark, Citi Ballpark, Citibank Ballpark, Citibank Yard, Citibank Coliseum, Citibank Diamond & Citibank Field.

Don't worry- we WON'T be changing our name to Citifield-Nation any time soon, or EVER! Shea will always live with us!!!

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