December 08, 2006

The $555,000 suspension

Adam Rubin on his blog at the NY Daily News, writes about the fine Guillermo Mota has to accompany his 50 game suspension:

Guillermo Mota won't collect the entire $5 million of his new two-year contract with the Mets, though the organization did do him a favor by structuring it so that he earns $1.8 million in 2007 and $3.2 million in 2008.

Mota won't get paid during his 50-game suspension, but you don't exactly reduce his '07 salary by 30.9% (50 games/162 games).

The MLB pay schedule is spread over 183 days it takes to complete the season. So the percentage of the $1.8 million he loses is the number of days it takes the Mets to play 50 games divided by 183. (It would be a slighly wasteful exercise to look at the Mets' schedule and figure it out now, since a rainout would change the count.)

Regardless, it should come out to roughly the same percentage ... or about $555,000 forfeited.
Mets press release after the break.

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