December 18, 2006

The batting order with Rios

It always feels good to speculate as to how the Mets could get better.

So, for that matter, let's take a brief second to evaluate how the batting order would look with Alex Rios in it:

1. Jose Reyes
2. Paul Lo Duca
3. Carlos Beltran
4. Carlos Delgado
5. David Wright
6. Moises Alou
7. Alex Rios
8. Jose Valentin
9. Pitcher

With this order, the only real weakness is the pitcher's spot. With no Shawn Green in the order, it means that everyone has the potential to hit 20 or more Home Runs (excluding Lo Duca and the pitcher), besides that's not Lo Duca's job. It's enough to make the opposing pitcher sweat into dehydration.

Throw in Barry Zito and you got yourself one sure fire ticket into the playoffs for next season and dare I say the I don't. No reason to jinx the Mets before the season starts.

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