December 18, 2006

Bullpen breakdown

Mike Steffanos at Mike's Mets, writes about the Mets bullpen and how it shapes up so far:

1. Billy Wagner (L) - CloserI doubt there will be much debate over this. Wagner's job is to close games. After getting off to a brutal start that featured a memorable meltdown against the Yankees, Wagner settled down and did a good job -- saving 40 games, including 18 in a row and converting 26 of his last 27. That's the bottom line; there are no style points in closing games.

2. Aaron Heilman (R) - 8th InningEven though he very well may be elsewhere by the time the season starts, Heilman needs to be seen as the best option for the eighth until Duaner Sanchez proves he's all the way back. Heilman has good enough stuff to close games, although it would be difficult to make a closer out of a pitcher who's still convinced he's a starter.
3. Duaner Sanchez (R) - 8th InningI could see Sanchez splitting the eighth inning role with Heilman early in the year as he builds his arm strength back up. I think as long as he has no lingering after effects, he eventually moves back into the top set up role. I like Sanchez' confidence and fearlessness, and see him as the guy on the team most likely to slide into that closer role if something happens to Wagner.

7. Dave Williams (L) - Long ReliefWilliams seems like a good bet to step into that Darren Oliver role as long reliever, spot starter and extra lefty in the bullpen. Of course, he has a chance to win an actual rotation job.
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