December 06, 2006

Did the Mets offer Zito a deal?

I don't know how credible this source is but I figured I would post it anyway out of speculation that there might be a hint of truth in it.

At NY Sports Dog, he writes about the Mets offering Barry Zito a contract:

The Mets have finally put a starter offer on the table to the star pitcher: 5 years and $78.5M with an option for a 6th year at $17.5M for a total package of 6 years and $96M. We're hearing Rick Peterson has been involved privately.

And on Gotham Baseball (forum section), they write more about about the latest Zito rumor:

The Zito talks are in full swing, and Mets brass has confided that they want to get this thing done "sooner rather than later." Boras continues to meet with various teams to see how much he can get for his prized client. The Mets feeling is that their offer, which could total as much as $16M per year over 6 years is "more than enough" and we're told they will not go one penny higher. The Mets strategy was to put the offer on the table, let Boras talk for a day or two to other clubs, and then withdraw it and pursue pitching options via trade (most likely with the White Sox).

This new strategy of "here's our offer, take it or leave it" is something of a shift for Omar, and though it didn't work with Lugo, it did force the hand of the Red Sox. Omar realizes now that he is truly a power broker here, and he is flexing his muscles with Zito.

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