December 20, 2006

ESPN Message Board

Anthony De Rosa at Hotfoot, posts one of the funniest notes I've ever seen on a message board from ESPN:

I had to pass along this hysterical comment on the Texas Rangers ESPN board...

Seeing as it appears the Mets brass has already left town, you are the one who is in denial. Hurry Rangers fans, go check my blog. I just got a call from GW, who was talking to Doug Melvin, who played golf with John Hart, who passed a note to Hicks in home room class. Apparently Zito really wants Jd to ask him to the winter ball. Now the thing is that JD called up Mulder and told him he was a little creeped out by Zito. Boras dropped by JD's locker and assured him that Barry wanted the two to go stag together because he thought they could pick up a ton of chicks. Unforunately Omar showed up and pushed JD ino the lockers and challenged him to a fight, because apparently all NY guys have to act superior and tough. Well Ron Washington stepped up with Art Howe behind him and told Omar that him and his latino budies were barking up the wrong tree. Michael Young ran to get the principal, but he didn't get very far until Carlos Beltran tripped him and laughed as Michael went head over heels to the ground. Things were looking really bad, but all of a sudden the ghost of Johnny Oates showed up and talked sense into everyone. They all went to the dance together an laughed at A-Rod, who spent the entire night in the boys room telling himself that everyone really liked him. At least that's what i read on this blog last night.

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