December 21, 2006

I'm sorry Kep

Can someone please tell me the reason why the Mets stressed so much on Julio Lugo? It was to play second base, Right? So that way they wouldn't have to use Jose Valentin so much, right? Why didn't we just go to the farm system and bring up Jeff Keppi...Oh that's right we traded him away last season.

I don't know the Mets thinking when they would rather start Jose Valentin over Jeff Keppinger last season and then to top it off they go ahead and trade him to the Royals for Ruben Gotay, who is a whole 2 years younger and has a worse batting average than Keppinger (Kep - .267 - 60AB/Gotay - .227 - 282AB).

Maybe I'm losing it a little, but didn't Kep come up in 2004 and post a .284BA, and a .987 fielding percentage? Yes he did.

So I feel as though the Mets have brought this apon themselves.

I'm not agents Valentin or going after Lugo. I just want to make it apparent that the Mets had a great option sitting in the Minors waiting to get re-called up.

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