December 20, 2006

Is the Met way in effect for Zito?

Marty Noble at, writes about the Mets, how in the past few years they have been willing to do what it takes to bring their off season focus to the Mets and if that translates into a guarantee that Barry Zito will be in Shea next year:

The Mets afforded Tom Glavine what he wanted in December, 2002. The following year, the offer of fourth year under contract persuaded Pedro Martinez to move to Flushing, and a late-in-game increase in money brought Carlos Beltran to the Mets. Last year, it was a final push, fourth-year offer that convinced Billy Wagner to decline the Phillies' offer and move to Shea Stadium.

Whether that type of persistent dedication is a component of the Mets' pursuit of Barry Zito remains to be seen. To this point, their approach has been one of spoken restraint. Until flying to California and meeting with Zito and his representative Tuesday, they had moved forward as if tethered to reluctance by a short elastic band. Whether their appearance of reservation is not merely appearance or part of a strategy -- or both -- is left to agent Scott Boras to measure.

"I think the Mets liked how last season went," the agent said. "What's not to like? With the talent they have, they have a chance to turn one year into the first year of a run. With the new park and the new network, that makes sense. If Omar is convinced that signing Zito assures them of that -- or at least makes them the favorite, he'll probably go into passing gear."

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