December 14, 2006

The Mets All Time Trash Talking Team

Mikey Lehman at Promote the Curse, puts up an entertaining post on the Mets all time trash talking team. Here are two of the position players and if you want to see the whole team, just use the link:

Shortstop: Jose Reyes - The Mets have had a history of soft-spoken shortstops until Jose put himself on the scene. Too bad we have no idea what this guy is saying because he never shuts up. All that chirping, hopping around, and dancing sure means the kid’s loving life, but he’s certainly pissing a lot of people (not wearing the blue and orange) off. Look for our boy to catch one in the dome-piece this year.

Third Base: Robin Ventura - Speaking of charging the mound, nothing could possibility be more humiliating than the Robin vs. Nolan square off in 1993. The fact that Robin has never said a mean word about anyone in his life might discount him from the list, but Sip loves the guy and I’m trying to stay in good standing with the execs here at Y2K.

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sidd finch said...

He thinks that Jose is a bigger trash talker than Kevin Elster? Wowie Wow Wow Wow.....