December 20, 2006

Why is Boras Evil?

Mike Steffanos at Mike's Mets, posts an interesting article asking why super agent Scott Boras is evil:

If you've been following the Barry Zito situation, you know that the only thing that might keep Barry from signing with the Mets is the supreme avarice of one of the most hated men in sports. Zito desperately wants to pitch in Shea Stadium next year, but Boras' Svengali-like influence over the young pitcher may literally force him to sign a lucrative contract to ply his trade somewhere else.

You would think that all these ballplayers who insist on signing with Boras would have learned by now that money can't buy happiness. Sadly, this is not the case. They continually allow him to score them contracts larger than the gross national product of many countries. It looks like that lovable lefty from California is heading down that same gloomy road. In his heart, he wishes to reunite with his beloved former pitching coach and pursue his acting career in the media capitol of the world, but Boras is whispering in his ear and hypnotizing him by waving wads of Tom Hicks' cash before his eyes. Can Barry resist his agent's wickedness and bring this fairy tale to a happy conclusion? Only time will tell...

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