December 21, 2006

Why Suppan?

To get an adequate pitcher with a NL Championship Series MVP, because of one good performance, this off season will probably run somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to 12 million a year for at least 4 years.

Giving Suppan the MVP award was a slap in the face, really, to the Mets. It's like if we won the game and turned around and gave the award to Oliver Perez. Sure he pitched the game, but he wouldn't be the reason the Mets won.

Anyway, I wouldn't be inclined to give a pitcher with a lifetime ERA of 4.60 a minimum of 40 million for 4 years. Why don't we just go ahead and resign Trachsel? That's who we would basically be getting in return.

I feel the Mets should do everything in their power to get Zito and if that fails, hold some trials for the rookies. They need to start sometime.

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