December 20, 2006

Zito Rumors...

There have been numerous rumors floating around that Omar and company have offered Barry Zito 6 years and close to 100 million dollars and that a deal is in the works for him to come to New York.

If in fact these rumors are true and the Mets did offer him a deal in the neighborhood of 100 million dollars, it would seem to stand it is the 5 year deal with the 6th year team option that is in play:

5 years
78 million
6th year team option at 17 million

Of course these are just rumors and no official report has come out yet. The reports do, however, say that this morning the two sides will be talking money and years.

All we can do is sit and wait to see how this whole thing pans out. With the Rangers throwing around their usual stupid money to any Boras agent and the newly in the mix Giants, nothing is wrapped up until we see Zito in a mets uniform on the roster page.

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