December 14, 2006

Zito tops Minaya's list

Peter Zellen at, writes about Omar Minaya and where he places Barry Zito on his wish list:

While Minaya and the Mets remain in contact with Zito and his agent, Scott Boras, it may be a while until they find out if the class of the free-agent market will be under their tree this offseason.

"We said that we are going to look at free agents to try and improve our pitching," Minaya said at the Mets' holiday party at Shea Stadium on Wednesday. "[Zito] is one of the guys we are still considering. He's a proven winner, he's given innings. But we feel that our pitching staff, the way it is right now, is similar to the second half of last year, and in some way, might be better because [of the development of the younger pitchers]."

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