January 02, 2007

Good job Omar

Matt Yallof at SNY, writes about Omar Minaya and how he feels that Omar made the right move in not competing with the Giants for Barry Zito. This is definitely a no brainier and personally I want to say thank you Omar for not inhibiting the Mets for seasons to come with this:

If they had come up $5 million short and then called it quits, Mets fans would have reason to complain, but after listening to Omar Minaya on Thursday, it was clear the Mets were never going to go where the Giants went in years, or money.
Good for them.

This Mets organization is trying to build a winner in the short term and the long term. Committing to Zito type money for the better part of the next decade could put a cramp in their style.

Imagine the angst in 2012 when the Mets do not chase a primo free agent 1st baseman because the payroll is too high and they can't unload an ineffective 33-year-old Barry Zito and his ungodly salary. Clearly, I'm simplifying this situation, but my point is this: Barry Zito is a very good pitcher and I believe he would have helped the Mets win, but I do not believe they had to have him in order to win.

Being held hostage by that contract is not worth the risk .

I truly believe Omar Minaya and the Mets will compete in 2007. As it stands, they have a very good team. If the starting pitching proves to be thin, they will find a much cheaper alternative that will put the Mets in the playoffs. The same place they would end up if Zito was pitching in Flushing.

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