January 09, 2007

Harrelson's son gets rehab

Frank Eltman at the Houston Chronicle, writes about Bud Harrelson's son and how he pleaded:

The son of former Mets baseball star Bud Harrelson pleaded guilty Tuesday to hindering prosecution in a case in which his friend was convicted of killing his stepfather with a samurai sword.

Troy "T.J." Harrelson had cut a deal with prosecutors to testify against Zachary Gibian, 19, who was convicted last month of second-degree murder.

State Supreme Court Justice Robert W. Doyle on Tuesday ordered T.J. Harrelson to enter an inpatient drug treatment program by Feb. 8, and he set sentencing for March 8.

Outside court, Bud Harrelson told reporters that the judge managed to do something he and his wife had been unable to do: Get their son into drug treatment.

T.J. Harrelson testified during his friend's murder trial that Gibian had called him for a ride to dispose of the murder weapon, and that Gibian had admitted killing his stepfather, Scott Nager, 51, a retired New York City police officer, on Feb. 27, 2005. The younger Harrelson also admitted he was a drug user.

Gibian, who faces a maximum of 25 years to life in prison, was scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday, but prosecutors expect a postponement.

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