January 05, 2007

Lets see what they got

With all the ridiculous contracts being given out to mediocre pitchers with a sub .500 average, in wins/losses. I now feel that since Zito is off the market, the Mets should just bite the bullet and pray for Pedro's recovery to make him go back to his 2005 numbers.

The Mets have plenty of talent in the minors to hold the fort down until Pedro comes back. I mean, just look at the pitchers the Mets have. They have Pelfrey and Humber who are both projected to be aces once they make the leap and get some experience. You have Perez who, in 2004, was all of what an ace should be and with the right guidance from Rick Peterson, should be back in form. On top of all this, you have John Maine. He stepped up and took the ball every time the Mets needed him.

With this kind of talent just waiting to be tapped. There is no reason to jump through hoops to get a pitcher who is going to wind up hurting the Mets in the long run.

Don't panic Omar and Wilpon. Just let the chips fall where they may and lets see if the boys have what it takes to be Major League pitchers.

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