January 12, 2007

Mets and A's might be back on

Mark Healey at Gotham Baseball, writes about the Mets, Athletics and the possibility that a deal may again be brewing:

Well, according to the information we have now, that may have been incorrect. According to a Bay Area-based baseball official, the Mets and A's "are finally discussing a deal that could send right-hander Danny Haren (not Rich Harden) to the Mets in return for Heilman, Lasting Milledge and a minor league pitcher".

"Yes, the A's are reluctant to deal Haren and would rather deal Blanton," said the official. "(But) the Mets really don't want to give up Milledge unless they get a No. 2, or a potential No. 1 starter in return."

Haren, who went 14-13 with a 4.12 ERA for the A's last season, is one of the most sought-after young starters in all of baseball, and if Minaya is able to land him, it would be an amazing coup. But will he be able to pull it off? The two clubs have talked swaps for several players over the last two years and have never found enough common ground -- or patience -- with each other to get a deal done. What makes this deal different.

"Minaya and Beane really wanted to have this deal done at the Winter Meetings, but for some reason, the Mets and A's could never seem to make the different parts work. I think they're past that stage now, and might be closer to something happening"

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