January 04, 2007

Mulder gets a two year offer

Derrick Goold at STL Today, writes about Mark Mulder and the 2 teams that have offerd him a 2 year deal:

The Cardinals and Mulder's agent, Gregg Clifton, could talk as soon as this afternoon, giving the Cardinals the chance to answer or counter the two-year offers on the table from the Rangers and Indians.

Both deals are believed to guarantee Mulder about what he made in 2006, or about $7.75 million. The deals, like the offer by the Cardinals, are also laced with incentives. Clifton, who declined to discuss details of the offers, has told teams to expect around 20 starts from Mulder in 2007. But when it comes to 2008, the offers from the Rangers and Indians allow Mulder to reach the $10 million vicinity if he meets all of the incentives for starts and innings pitched, a source confirmed.

The Rangers' proposal could pay about $18 million over two years.

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Corey & Carson said...

I'm a Phils fan, so by all means please go ahead and waste big money on Mulder.