January 11, 2007

Q's & A's with Francisco Pena

Adam Rubin at the NY Daily News, has a sit down with Mets prospect Francisco Pena:

What has your experience been like since joining the Mets?

Being with all of these guys, practicing with somebody like David Wright or Pedro Martinez, that’s pretty exciting. And seeing Julio Franco. He did play with my dad in ’95 with Cleveland.

You probably grew up around a lot of players, right, especially when your dad managed the Royals?

Yes. All the players. With Beltran, I used to know him when my dad managed the Royals. It’s been pretty fun. All those years I’ve been in the clubhouse – with Cleveland, Chicago, Houston.
Did you pick catcher because of him?

No. It was a coincidence. I like catching, but it wasn’t because of him. When I was like 12, I played third base. But then I got bigger and bigger and I got used to catching. I just started on my own.

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