January 09, 2007

Should the Mets trade Chavez?

I hope not...anyway, over at Pro Trade, they pose the question of weather to keep Endy Chavez or to trade him:

The New York Mets outfield figures to be: LF Alou CF Beltran RF Green

That leaves youngster Lastings Milledge and Speedster Endy Chavez without starting positions. On a team like the Mets neither deserve to start. Now the Mets figure to keep Milledge on the bench because Alou is up there in age and figures to need an off day every now and then. Endy Chavez on the other hand the Mets don't need to keep. A team like the Cubs, however, could use someone like Endy to play center field while Felix Pie gets ready in AAA.

Endy hit .306 last year in 133 games.

Now this is just my opinion but the Cubs could use someone like that to play center for them.

A trade could be drawn up where:

The Cubs get: Endy Chavez
The Mets get: Buck Coats and Ronny Cedeno That or any variation.

The Cubs don't give up a starter and the Mets don't give up a starter. The Cubs, however get someone who knows how to play center and the Mets get someone, Cedeno, to challenge an aging Jose Valentin for the starting second base job.
I'm just going to cover my ears on this one and act like this was never said. Just thought you, the reader, would like to know what was going around out there.

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