February 06, 2007

"Babe" Hernandez

Over at the Gotham baseball forum a post was made for A-Hern's monster hit in the Caribbean World Series. I thought it was quite humorous to compare Babe Ruth too Anderson Hernandez, but he did hit a bomb that should have cleared the fence by 10 feet:

I was watching the SNY telecast of the DR/VZ gamein the Carib WS. In extra innings, with 2 out in a 2-2 game, one of the Dominican players hit a booming shot to dead CF that missed going out for a walk-off HR by a few feet. He settled for a 2B, and failed to score.

Who was this mighty hitter?? None other than "puny" ANDERSON HERNANDEZ! I know it's not ML pitching and all that, but I've never seen him hit a ball that hard and far.

Whatever he's doing (he's hit well over .300 this Winter), if he can keep it up in ST he could win the 2B job and be the pleasant surprise of the season.

Good luck, "Babe"!!