February 05, 2007

Back After WAY Too Long

Folks, my apologies, first and foremost to web-mate John, for my (our) extended absence from the site. Unfortunately, I had a death in my immediate family, and the fall-out has been greater then I originally thought it would. It's times like these when counting the days to pitchers and catchers reporting is all that keeps a person going, and it's times like these when I am most grateful to have the Mets, and THESE Mets, in particular, to root for! So without further ado, you'll be seeing a number of new columns from us over the next week or so, on our way to visting Spring Training again, where we will have tons of news and great photos, to boot!

Here's to an even better 2007!!!

Let's Go Mets!!!!

Glad To Be Back....
David (& Jonathan)

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