February 09, 2007

Best Long Term Outfield In The Majors

Nate Silver at Baseball Prospectus writes about the best long term outfield (for the future's refrence):

1. Mets: Carlos Beltran (235.3), Lastings Milledge (140.9) and Fernando Martinez (130.0).Geometric Mean: 162.76

On a talent basis, the Mets are runaway winners. Yes, Beltran might be 32 or 33 by the time that Martinez is ready to play in the big leagues, but all indications are that he should have a skill set that will age relatively well. And considering that the Mets’ two biggest assets are not in the outfield, they perhaps have as good a chance as anyone in baseball of building a mini-dynasty.

The only other NL East team on this list of 5 was the Braves at number 5 with Andruw Jones, Jeff Francoeur, and Kelly Johnson.

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