February 06, 2007

Johnson just wants a shot

John Delcos at the Journal News, writes about Ben Johnson and how all he wants is a shot to play for the Mets this season:

"I feel as a major-league player, I should give something back," the Mets' outfielder said at a recent charity fundraiser in Manhattan.

"I wanted to do this to show I care about my new city."

But inside two weeks prior to spring training, Johnson - acquired in a trade this winter from San Diego - has no idea how much he'll play in his new city.

Considering the fragility of Moises Alou and Shawn Green, an educated guess is that even in a reserve role, Johnson will get more than the 120 at-bats he had last year and produce more than the .250 average, four homers and 12 RBI he gave the Padres.

"Nobody has said anything," Johnson said. "I don't expect to be handed anything. Do I think of what I could do if given 400 at-bats? Of course I do. If I got 400 at-bats, I think I could do some damage."

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