February 20, 2007

Mets High On Smith

Marty Noble MLB.com, writes about Joe Smith and how high the Mets are on him:

But he is in Mets camp and conspicuous by his presence because of how he delivers a baseball.
Smith comes at you from third base, the hitters will say. His release point is at about 8:30 on the non-digital clock, lower than sidearm, higher than submarine or Jeff Innis. He is Chad Bradford-ish, the Mets hope. At 22, he is a Mets hope.

Drafted in June -- third round -- after a career at Wright State in Ohio, Smith was six weeks into his professional career when Duaner Sanchez's taxi accident threatened to undermine the Mets' summer. But before general manager Omar Minaya repaired the damage -- first with Roberto Hernandez and later with Guillermo Mota -- he gave Smith more than a passing thought.

"I have no problem with bringing college relievers to the Major Leagues," Minaya said Saturday.

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