February 12, 2007

Mets Preview

Over at Sports Illistrated, they give a preview of the 2007 Mets:


The Mets' empire is at a high point. Image-conscious owner Fred Wilpon, often beset with bland losing teams or renegade winners, has a club that represents the Mets brand well both on and off the field. Wilpon has taken a background role while his son, Jeff, oversees the daily operations of the club. Minaya and his lengthy list of advisors have built on the foundation of Reyes and Wright, spending heavily on premium talent while avoiding regrettable contracts for mediocre players. Willie Randolph has proven to be a wise choice as manager, giving the Mets the kind of top-down stability they have lacked for years.

Final Analysis

With rising cable revenue, a new stadium coming and an exciting mix of young and veteran stars, the Mets should give their fans plenty to cheer about for years. But make no mistake -- after falling just short of the World Series 2006, the pressure is on this team to bring a pennant back to Shea. It's a reasonable goal, and anything less must be considered a failure, just the way it is with the Yankees across town.
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