February 27, 2007

Milledge In 2007

So now we finally get to see Lastings Milledge. It just took some rough months of him acting up and poor performance to get him there.

Now Milledge is being played primarily in right field to compete with Shawn Green. Now if Milledge performs to the caliber that he was projected to, I still don’t think that he’s going to win that job. Not for the fact that Shawn Green will out play him. It's a little bit bigger o a deal than just out performing each other. It all comes down to $11.5 million reasons.

I would love to see Lastings out there besides Beltran if he can Proforma to the hype that surrounded him last year. I fully believe that he is trying to atone for his wrong doings and set things right, but none of that will matter.

Green is a stand up guy, but is aging and doesn't carry it like some of the other veterans on the team. If he was producing on a regular basis, it would be a different story. But sadly enough, he can't.

The time is almost here when you will look in the outfield and see 3 franchise players. The only thing is that the time won’t be 2007. So no matter what you hear (barring a trade of Green), there won't be any Lastings Milledge in the starting line up in 2007.

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