February 20, 2007

Most Talented Met Ever

Mike Vaccaro at the NY Post, writes about the most talented Mets ever to wear the uniform:

1. Carlos Beltran -- What you got last year was the tip of the iceberg. The Mets have simply never had a player in his prime with these kinds of tools. He doesn't have the Mets career some others on this list will have. But that ain't the list. This is about talent, and Beltran's got more than any other Met.

5. Jose Reyes -- Again, this isn't resume, this is talent. And before he's done, Reyes may well sit on top of this list, with a gulf between him and No. 2 wider than the difference between the Mets' payroll and the Pirates'.

9. David Wright -- Before HE'S done, he could be the one on the other side of the gulf behind Reyes.

To get a look at the entire list, use the link in the header.

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