February 26, 2007

Mulvey Has The Tools

Charlie Nobles at Mets.com, writes about Mets Prospect Kevin Mulvey:

Kevin Mulvey is a rarity for a 21-year-old pitcher. The right-hander, who was the Mets' first pick -- in the second round -- of the 2006 First-Year Player Draft, can consistently throw four different pitches for strikes.

"I've pretty much never had a problem with that," Mulvey said matter-of-factly at the Mets' camp, where he is getting a chance to mingle with the club's best players, despite a total of just four games of starting experience in the Minor Leagues.

"Usually a young pitcher might have command of one or two of his pitches," Waits said. "But Kevin has four solid pitches he can throw for strikes. It's a rare pitcher you can say that about."

"He's got a powerful arm and a good delivery," Waits said. "He showed us he's not afraid of contact. He goes right after hitters. You can tell he's a confident kid."

Mulvey, who is scheduled to pitch in Tuesday's intrasquad game, is likely to return to Double-A this year, though the Mets will be watching him closely this spring.

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