February 18, 2007

No Captain in 2007

Mark Hale at the NY Post, writes about the Mets and how Willie Randolph has no plans to name a captain in 2007:

"I don't think we need that right now, from my point of view, because I like my players until I get to know who they are to lead in their own way and by their example," he said yesterday. "I feel like right now I'm the leader, so to speak, and I think that when you look at some of our young players, I think they may get a turn and become captains, but they're young. They're kind of young for that.

"And the veteran guys that we have, I don't feel it's necessary to have that title per se for the sake of just having it as a title. [Carlos] Delgado and [Carlos] Beltran and all those guys and [Paul] Lo Duca, they're leaders because of the way they go out and play the game and that to me is enough. And I think sometimes you've got to be careful with that because what happens is if you look for one guy to be the leader, then everyone else ceases to lead."

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