February 16, 2007

Park's Job To Lose

John Delcos at Lo Hud, writes about Chan Ho Park and how he said that the rotation spot is his to lose:

You have to admire Chan Ho Park's sense of confidence. He said a starting job in the rotation is his to lose, and he has his sights on third. That puts John Maine fourth and Oliver Perez fifth.

Then again, we have six weeks of camp left and the decision isn't really his. But, you'd rather have a guy with that confidence rather than unsure of himself. Park, who was beat around with Texas, said he's glad to be back in the National League.

Too bad it's not that simple. Fact is, Park has been hammered for a reason, and it isn't all about the leagues. It's easy for him to have confidence now, but he should hold his talk until he does something.

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