February 14, 2007

Shea Nation Network

If you haven't noticed by now, Shea Nation has added two more sites to its network of bloggers. This brings the total to four blogs that are working together to bring you everything about the Mets. Here are a listing of the blogs in the network:

Shea Nation - Up to the hour news and happenings.
Mets Trades, Tirades & GM Grades - Perspectives on recent Mets happenings.
Mets Fever - A great mix of news, rumors and opinions.
Mets Prospects - Focuses mostly on the Mets prospects with a little of the big club thrown in.

If you get a chance, check out all three of Shea Nation's sister sites. You won't be let down.

Also, Shea Nation and it's sister sites are looking for a Minor League blogger to join up with them. So, if you are running a Mets Minor League Blog and are interested in joining the Network, just E-mail John Young at: sheanation@newyork-mets.net .

  • Side note: The Shea Nation Fantasy Baseball League sign ups are going to end on February, 23 and the spots are filling up fast. If you are interested in joining, use the E-mail address above.

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