February 26, 2007

Surprise Of The Year?

Kevin Kernan at The NY Post, writes about the Mets and how impressed they are with newly acquired Ambiorix Burgos :

And just like last year when Minaya picked up John Maine and Oliver Perez, he has already worked his trade magic, snapping up
Ambiorix Burgos from Kansas City.

Yes, it's early, but landing Burgos appears to be the trade of the year.

When you mention Burgos around Mets camp, the first reaction you get is this: "Wow, what an arm."

Rick Peterson is thilled with the big man's progress. Burgos, 6-foot-3, 244 pounds, is starting to pound the strike zone down low with unhittable 100-mph stuff. Burgos picked up 18 saves last year with the Royals while essentially not knowing what he was doing. He is now beginning to learn his craft and there is no ceiling on his ability.

"We're very happy with that kid," Minaya said.


Andrea Mallis said...

As a Met fan and sports astrologer, I'm glad to hear that Burgos seems like a powerhouse.

Especially since Billy Wagner's astrology forecast for the 2007 season looks extremely low energy and injury prone.

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